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Getting Around Montego Bay

carsGetting around the city of Montego Bay is one of the easiest part of your trip. You have the option of walking or taking a private or public transportation. To be frank, if you choose to walk around town, it can be pretty hectic, especially if you are coming from the cruise ship. One thing is sure though if you have time on your side, you can leisurely walk to get to see the city in more detail. It is best that you walk as a group, and avoid walking around alone especially at nights. So let's explore public and private transportation in more details.

Car Rental


Renting a car in Montego Bay is easy and can save you a lot of time. Car rental is not the most economical way to get around the city, however, you will be able to explore the city or even the island much quicker. Check out our transportation guide. Here are some car rentals in Montego Bay:

  1. Island Car Rentals, airport & Ironshore, (Tel# 1-876-952-5771 / 953-9694)
  2. Thrifty Car Rental, 28 Queen Dr. near airport, (Tel# 1-876-952-5825)
  3. Caribbean Car Rentals, 19 Gloucester Ave., (Tel# 1-876-952-0664)
  4. Avis Rent-A-Car / Bargain Rent-A-Car, airport, (Tel# 1-888-888-AVIS)
  5. Budget Car Rental, airport & Ironshore., (Tel# 1-876-952-3838 / 953-9765)
  6. Central Rent-A-Car, 25 Gloucester Ave., (Tel# 1-876 876-952-3347 / 952-3347)
  7. Discount Rent-A-Car, airport, (Tel# 1-876-952-1943)


Private Taxis or Buses

Montego Bay is the place where private transportation abound. Whether you want a simple air-conditioned cab or a luxurious coach, you can find close by. At the airport, there are numerous Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) approved taxi operators offering some of the following services:

  • Airport transfers
  • Meet & Greet services (also at the Shipping Pier)
  • Guided tours to Jamaica's best attractions
  • Baggage handling

Some of the popular Private Taxi operators include: JUTA Tours, JCAL Tours, Tourwise, Jamaica Tours and Maxi Tours.

Public Taxis or Buses

Public transportation is the most common and economical means of traveling in Montego Bay. If you choose to be adventurous and go public, you should ensure that you agree at a price and destination before you enter the vehicle. Also, the vehicle should be properly licensed and equipped for public transportation service. Usually, public transportation operators are a little bit more eager and competitive, and they may tend to shout or honk their horn to get your attention. Also, there is a central bus park located on St. James Street, approximately 5-10 minutes drive from the airport.

Where to buy some stuff if needed

Looking for great shopping deals? Don't forget to stop at the supermarket. The supermarkets can sometimes offer the best deals on items such as Jamaican coffee, liquor, Tortuga rum cakes, and more. Here is a list of some supermarkets you could find in Montego Bay:

  • Bogue Village Supermarket, 106 Barnett St, (Tel# 1-876-971-5412)
  • Queen's Supermarket, Mt Salem Main Rd, (Tel# 1-876-952-3557)
  • Parkway Supermarket, Parkway Plaza Rose Hall, (Tel# 1-876-953-2002)
  • Hi-Lo Supermarket, (Tel# 1-876-940-2840)
  • Star Supermarket, 2 William St, (Tel# 1-876-979-3127)