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Jamaica's National Tree


National TreeThe Jamaican National Tree is the Blue Mahoe (Hibis­cus Ela­tus). It is indige­nous to the island and is found mainly in wet­ter areas of the island. It grows quite rapidly, often attain­ing 20m (66ft) or more in height. In addi­tion, it will grow up to 1200m (4000 ft.) in wet­ter areas and is often used in reforestation.

The tree has a straight trunk, broad green leaves and hibiscus-like flow­ers. As it matures the attrac­tive flower changes color , from bright yel­low to orange red and finally to crimson.

The word “mahoe” is believed to have a Carib Indian ori­gin. The “blue” refers to blue-green streaks in the pol­ished wood, which gives it a beau­ti­ful and dif­fer­ent look.

Design­ers: A group from the Jamaica House of Representatives.


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