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Let’s face it, the weather is enough to ruin any vacation or trip. No need to worry, the Jamaican weather could be easily described in the popular Jamaican phrase “Jamaica no problem”. Whether you are visiting Jamaica for a special occasion, or you are planning to visit for the perfect vacation, the Jamaican weather forecast will serve to remind you of the island's warm side.

Broadly speaking, it is common knowledge to many that the climate of Jamaica is a tropical marine climate. In other words, our weather is influenced by the beautiful and warm Caribbean Sea. As a result, for most of the year Jamaicans experience lots of beautiful sunshine, mixed with periods of moderate to heavy rainfall. Whatever, the situation, one good thing about the Jamaican weather is that its hardly ever stops you from going outside. Well,....unless we are experiencing a storm or hurricane. The hurricane season usually starts June 1 and ends November 30.

For your convenience, you can get updated information when you check the next 24 hour weather widget at the top of this page.

I know, you want to get the most out of your Jamaican vacation and you want to know more about the Jamaica's rainy season.

Facts about Jamaica's rainy season

Historical data indicates that every year Jamaica experiences a rainy season from September to November and from May to June. However, it must be emphasized that we often experience many days of sunshine during this so-called rainy season. It is also note worthy to point out that the wet season is also mixed with days of short duration of rainfall particularly in the mid to late afternoon.
The north-eastern side of the island has a distinct climate. The trade winds blow steadily on the island from north-east, and are drying winds. The parishes of Portland, St. Mary, and St. Thomas often experience rainfall with greater frequency than other parishes.
It is great to know that Jamaica's rainy season makes it suitable for sporting and leisure activities throughout the year. Tourists and Jamaicans can enjoy the beaches and outdoor activities as much as they would like.

3 Bonus Travel Tips:

  • When traveling to Jamaica or any other country it is always good to check the weather forecast first before traveling. This will not only will this help you pack accordingly, you may still have time to make changes to your itinerary in the event of inclement weather.
  • Try to get a general knowledge of the climate patterns of the country you are visiting.
  • Take sunscreen lotions, sun glasses, moisturizers, make-up essentials.

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